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Survey № 001 – 27.2.2023 

Our Very Own Product [OVOP]



Welcome to the first ever NBU survey! Your feedback is highly valued – please use the feedback form if you have any ideas for improvements.

Background and purpose

The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility of developing a new in-house product. This product would ideally contribute to the efficient use of our current resources and know-how, additionally it might support our current brand/brands or be a means to break into a new strategic direction. 

Below you will find a brief primer containing some examples of the kinds of products that could be considered. Don't feel limited by the examples as they are purely for illustrative purposes – all ideas are welcome and encouraged!


If your schedule allows it, it might be beneficial to pause for a day or two after reading the primer before answering the survey. Keeping the ideas in the back of your mind while observing your daily environment might spark some new ideas! 

Primer: 3 Ways of Achieving High Margins with Injection Moulded Plastics 


Bob Barker Company: Adapting existing products to a specialised environment 

Bob Barker Company is a leading supplier of supplies corrections and detention centers in the United States, this includes county jails, state prisons, federal penitentiaries, juvenile facilities, and mental health and rehab facilities throughout the country. Bob Barker Company is a family business.

To achieve competitive advantage Bob Barker complements the supplies it sells with a line of its own specialised products. By leveraging its good customer relationships the company sources product ideas based on customer feedback and needs. The Bob Barker line of specialised products includes security toothbrushes, anti-shank razors, flexible spoons and silicone chess sets that can't be used for self harm or as weapons. 


The skeletal design of the Exo-Frame Security Toothbrush makes it fall apart if sharpened into a weapon. An additional benefit of the Silicone Chess Set is that it is silent. A case of 144 Exo-Frame Toothbrushes costs $29.86, a Silicone Chess Set costs $16.01, a case of 100 Flexible Spoons cost $33.99.


ecoBirdy: Leveraging sustainability and design in a carefully chosen market 

ecoBirdy recycles discarded plastic toys and turns them into colourful, kid-sized design furniture that is comfortable to use and easy to clean.


ecoBirdy created a system that starts with the collection of old, unused plastic toys, passes through the recycling phase and ends with the design and production of pieces of furniture. The collection of kids' furniture is entirely made of recycled plastic from European waste. Each step is based on social and environmental responsibility. The design, recycling and production of ecoBirdy furniture is all done in Europe.


ecoBirdy has developed a proprietary material called ecothylene®  that gives the furniture a distinct look and supports the sustainability aspect of the brand. The material is not uniform, meaning each piece is unique, however, this is presented as a benefit rather than a material flaw. A skilled use of branding and a cleverly chosen target demographic turns many of the products weaknesses into strengths.


The Charlie Chair and Luisa Table are made of ecothylene and come in six colors, they retail for €186 and €315 respectively. The adult-sized Richard Armchair and Judy Side Table are currently on sale for €920. Many of the products are almost sold-out.


THYRM LLC: Robust products for operators in challenging environments and high-risk professions

THYRM LLC is an American family-owned business producing innovative, robust products to make users more effective and resilient in the field. The company product design team has more than 40 combined years of experience developing tools for operators in high-risk professions, additionally the company actively works with experienced users to continually improve and develop their products.

THYRM's product range consists of injection moulded plastic clips and containers for tactical and first responder gear. The company's competitive advantage stems from a deep understanding of customers environments and needs. For instance, the SwitchBack is a plastic ring clip attachment for flashlights that allows easier manipulation and control of the light while holding a gun.


The DarkVault Critical Gear Case is a water and dust resistant container with signal blocking capabilities to protect devices from interference and prevent tracking of signals in the field. The DarkVault is lockable, tamper sealable and MOLLE compatible, meaning it can be securely attached to standard military vests and bags. Other THYRM products include water proof storage for batteries and flashlight mounts for military helmets.


The SwitchBack is a simple plastic clip for a very specialised use case, it retails for $19.99. The DarkVault Critical Gear Case illustrates rapidly developing needs in the modern battlefield, it comes in different colors depending on intended use - including camouflage patterns. The DarkVault retails for $59.99.

Moving on to the survey 


Thank you for reading the primer,  feel free to move on to the survey! Depending on how detailed your answers are the survey should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Answer in whatever language you feel most comfortable writing in – the NBU team will translate if needed.

What's in it for me?

Glad you asked! To incentivise thoughtful answers and healthy competition, the best suggested product/idea/direction will be awarded with an official NBU thinking capThe winner will be determined by a board vote after the results have been presented.

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*Artist's rendition, final product may vary. Limited edition, retail value immeasurable. 

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